The REAL Reason Most Corporate Wellness Programs Fail ...and what to do instead to boost your employee productivity, impact, and loyalty


A Note From the Founder

I didn’t plan to start a workplace wellness company.

I was working in the health care and public health space and thought I’d always be there.

Then something changed.

I started to get disillusioned with the space I was in. It didn’t happen overnight. I liked my work. I thought we were doing good stuff.

But the results never reflected the triumph we touted.

This was really frustrating. Not only because our clients weren’t getting the results they were promised, but because I wasn’t either.

As a public health advocate, I followed all the rules myself. I drank shakes. I ate the low-fat bars. And I worked out consistently.

But I didn’t look or feel the way I wanted to.

Yet I persisted. I kept at it. In fact, I double downed. Yet the results were always the same.

Until I learned that health isn’t about numbers – number of workouts, number of calories, or numbers on the scale.

It took thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to figure this out. But I did.

And in 6 months, with this new knowledge, I transformed my body without living in a gym or spending hours in the kitchen. In a year, I transformed my life. All while working a 9-5 that was never 9-5.


I felt compelled to leave my corporate job to bring true health to the masses. To give employees what they want (to be healthy). And employers what they want (a self-motivated, productive, and energetic team).

That’s how The Method B was born. There was a need for sustainable, habitual, and company-adaptable employer-based wellness programming. And I want to deliver it.

The B Method is the first-food focused wellness company. And it works with businesses like yours to give their teams the energy and confidence they need to dominate their market space.

If you want to know about my credentials, here some more info...

I have a MS from Tufts University School of Medicine. I have my CHC from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I went to Indiana University for a BA in Journalism. And I’ve been published in a couple academic journals (link) and featured in Women’s Health, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Orange Theory Fitness.

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