The b method: Proving the ROI of health

We’ve all heard that health is wealth. We’re out to prove it to you.

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Regulate energy and performance

Biology regulates energy. And health fixes any biology glitches. The B Method provides individuals with personalized plans and support to improve their health and, in turn, enhance their energy and performance.


stabilize teams and cycles

Like you, our goal is to stabilize team numbers and members. The B Method works with the team members to improve their health and energy so they can decrease their burnout and increase your revenue.


Tie Behaviors to performance

Results matters — for you and your team members. The B Method understands that and ties individual’s goals to their performance to keep them motivated and excited about their new habits.


A Note From the Founder

I know health is wealth. I’ve seen it countless times working 1:1 with people . I’ve also seen it play out on me - Erica Ballard, Founder and CEO of the B Method.

You see, for most of my life - I didn’t like the way I looked or felt. And it baffled me. Because, as a public health advocate for over a decade, I followed all the rules.

I drank shakes. I ate the low-fat bars. And I worked out consistently. Sure, I didn’t look or feel the way I wanted to, but I was told this is health. And health was key to energy. So, I persisted.

I kept at it. In fact, I double downed on my health. I tracked more. I worked out longer. And yet the results were always the same.

That is, until I learned that health isn’t about numbers – number of workouts, number of calories, or numbers on the scale. It took thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to figure this out. But I did.

And in six months, with this new knowledge, I transformed my body without living in a gym or spending hours in the kitchen. In a year, I transformed energy and my life. All while working a 9-5 that was never 9-5.


I felt compelled to leave my corporate job to bring my method to the masses. To give employees what they want (to be healthy). And employers what they want (a self-motivated, productive, and energetic team).

That’s how The Method B was born. I wanted to deliver a sustainable and company-adaptable program that helped employees look and feel better so they do better.

So, today, that’s what The B Method does. This company works with high performers to regulate their energy and biology to manage their success (and their companies). We exclusively work with businesses who want to dominate their market space. So, if that’s you, let’s talk.

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