Obesity drives disease.

Weight is 80% diet.

So, we focus on food to get people healthy.


no one understands food.

This is why your employees can’t healthy. And why you can’t help them get healthy. Most people don’t understand food. But we do.

The B Method is the first corporate wellness program to focus on food. It’s what we specialize in. Well, that and building the environment required to succeed.

Because food matters a lot. But environment matters too. If you’re missing either, your people will never get the results they want - and you need.

That’s why our tailored method combines the food knowledge your employees crave and the environment required to get healthy - in and out of the office.


Want to know THE TRUTH ABOUT WELLNESS PROGRAMS? People Only Look for 3 Things in a Health Program:

A solution, social proof and a guide.

We provide all 3 of things. And a few others. Because what people want isn’t always what they need.

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